Motor Controller

ePower's SR motor technology includes both the SR motor, the motor controller and motor controller software (LabVIEW). This allows an integrated solution where intelligent use of the SRM technology is explored to the fullest, with optimal control in any operation point.

Together these components form a unique Switched Reluctance drive system that is tailored to applications with variable movement. 

ePower has over many years developed unique knowledge and expertise within the motor controller, for both software (LabVIEW) and hardware, which is a unique motor control system that can be tailored and also sold as a separate product compatible with industrial applications with other motors.

ePower provides customer specific controllers to all SR motors. Below is a list of our present motor controllers. Depending on the project, we will either modify an existing, or develop a motor controller for a specific application.

LabVIEW 48V Multi purpose controller

The LabVIEW based multi-purpose controller is ideal for fast prototyping a small to medium-sized, flexible production batches. The national Instruments OEM Single-Board RIO with an FPGA and a Real-Time processor, makes it possible within a short time frame, setup and test any number of SR motors, and develop user specific application software. The controller can be equipped with National Instruments sbRIO 9605, 9606 or 9607 depending on the need for high calculation power or low cost. Software developed on sbRIO is generic and can run on all models.

This controller was developed for ePower's ETFM SR motor to gym80's 4E medical exercise strength product line and approved according to the Medical Device Directive.


  • Input 48V (35-55V), 1500W
  • Full 4 QD control
  • SRM motor:
    • 1 to 5 phases
    • 0-45A phase current
    • 10 or 20 kHz PWM
    • 3 channel encoder
  • Air cooled
  • Brake resistor
  • One 24V 4A full H-Bridge for DC motor control
  • Two 48V 10A full H-Bridge for DC motor control
  • 18 user specific DIO lines
  • Emergency stop button
  • One precision differential analog input, e.g. for strain gauges.
  • RS232 and RS485 serial interface
  • Ethernet network interface


LabVIEW 330V modular controller

The 330V controller is developed and tested within in the CIPED project (Compact Intelligent Powerful Electric Drivetrain) for the DU-SRM. Like the well-proven 48V controller, this controller includes a National Instruments sbRIO. Furthermore, the controller is designed in a modular way, which helps to decrease cost and increase flexibility.


  • Input 250-400V, 60 kW
  • SRM
    • 1 to 6 phases
    • 0-300A phase current
    • 10kHz asynchronous PWM
    • 3 channel encoder, resolver or Hall sensor
  • Liquid cooled

330V Motor controller

DSP 24V controller

Originally designed for Synergy Indoor Bike, this controller is a cost-effective motor controller that proved its worth in the high humidity group-cycling segment. The dedicated DSP controller and low cost make it suitable for medium to high volume applications.


  • Input 24V, 100W
  • SRM:
    • 3 phases
    • 0-70A phase current
    • 3 channel position encoder
  • RS232 communication interface
  • SPI communication interface