Project Process

ePower Motors is deeply involved from the very start of a project to the production of the final product is up and running with after sales support, to ensure that ePower's SR motor technology is implemented and working 100% in the final product - to ensure a world class product.

  • Specifications of Product, first thing is to understand the application and the goals of the final product together with the B2B customer, and then develop the specifications for the SR motor technology and how it will be implemented into the final product. Next thing is to schedule a R/D process with a budget in corporation with the B2B customer's R&D schedule for the final product.
  • Develop Prototype, a customised prototype of the SR motor will be developed in parallel with the B2B customers development of a prototype of the final product. In some projects it is possible to use one of the SR motors ePower has "on the shelf".
  • Test of Prototype, ePower run substantial test of the customised SR motor, to ensure that the SR motor technology meet the requirements for the final product. Furthermore the SR motor technology will be tested in the prototype of the final product.
  • Start Production, ePower will support the production of a test series of the final product, to ensure the SR motor technology is working 100% in the final product, before the production starts working on full speed. ePower will furthermore support the assembly of the production of the final product, hereunder set up final test procedures. In some high volumen cases ePower can work with a license production of the SR motor technology.
  • After Sales Service, ePower will handle the after sales service training of the B2B customers service set up, hereunder develop service education material, to ensure the after sales service will be handled in a professional way, which is necessary for a high quality world class product.