Application specific software integrated into the controller enables a very precise control optimised to the customer's application.
ePower Motors always works in a very close collaboration with the customer, to design the best control software for the application.
In many applications customer, specific parts are integrated into the 10kHz motor control loop, this ensures fast response to the input, regardless of whether it is a manual input at a Medical exercise machine or at high-speed direct-drive robotic application.

LabVIEW SRM development platform

  • ePower's LabVIEW SRM development platform enables 50% faster development than other traditional R/D software platforms. The R/D platform is based on National Instruments Real-Time and FPGA and adds a layer of SR motor control.
  • The combination of FPGA for deterministic high-speed control and a real-time processor is a perfect match for most SRM applications.
  • ePower Motors is a Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer by National Instruments.

DSP platform

  • ePower Motors also provides a DSP platform for the TSM320 series of Digital signal processors from Texas instruments. For low-level Switched Reluctance control and interrupt handling assembler language is used to ensure high efficiency and deterministic control.