Proof of Concept

30 years ago when I first saw strength machines that worked fully electrically, were completely networked to one another and were able to produce different resistance modes for workouts rich in variety, I knew: that's a brilliant idea.  
When I became familiar with the ETFM resistance technology in 2007, my enthusiasm was sparked. I was convinced that working out with this technology would be more diversified and exciting. A great amount of R/D and programming work went into the advancement of the ETFM technology to make the resistance levels more smooth.

You can feel it – it is state of the art on the market. It's simply a completely new training quality. There is no other machine on the market today where you can do isometric and isotonic training, training with a higher eccentric load as well as isokinetic training. This is the diversity we want to offer our customers. In conjunction with our software, the 4E product line is an incredibly cutting-edge training machine, perfectly geared to a broad range of applications and requirements.

For both professionals and for rehab patients alike. Because isokinetics, for instance, is also ideal for muscle-building in the medical area. We know the 4E product line is a sophisticated product, also in terms of price, but we happily accept such exclusiveness. We were not only driven by commercial considerations here but more so by the wish to provide the best workout possible with new technology. .

Arie van Winkelhof, CEO, gym80 International GmbH